massimo verona

massimo verona

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First Name * massimo
Last Name * verona
Username * MassiSan
Country * Netherlands
City amsterdam
Nationality italian
Languages italianEnglishgermandutchspanish


Current Position freelance
Current Company unleashed environments
Areas of Expertise landscape designillustrationConcept art
Preferred Tools vue3ds maxworld machinexfrog


Availability: Full time



My name is Massimo Verona I'm an 32 years old 3d Environment Designer(3d Matte Painter). I've started 13 years ago using 3ds max for privat use but had to give up on that due to money issues at this young age. But about 18 months ago I found my way back to the 3d World with the amazing software Vue from e-on.since that i have been teaching me this software to a high level of skills. I can consider myself a pro user by now and I won 43 " Cream of the Crop " awards at cornucopia3d and 81 " pictures of the day " awards at the official software homepage from e-on (Vue). All my winning renders can been viewed here


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